Welcome to the Australian Barramundi Farmers Association (ABFA) website.

ABFA is the peak representative organisation for the Australian farmed barramundi industry. ABFA membership is voluntary and the association provides valuable links between the industry, farmers, suppliers, wholesalers and retailers. ABFA is supported through close links to the industry as sponsors and partners.

The ABFA represents members who produce around 95% of the annual 7,000t production of Australian farmed barramundi, currently valued at $70M. Production will reach 10,000t in the next 2 years with a national production target of 20,000t by 2025.

Sustainability, quality and reliability are hall marks of this industry and recent studies found that Australian Farmed Barramundi met the highest international food safety standards, delivering consumers a great tasting, healthy product, from farm to table. The level of quality is evident based on the number of medals that membersí fish consistently win each year at the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW fine food shows.

For more details about what is happening in the industry go to www.australianbarramundi.com.au and check out our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/Australianbarramundi.

Picture Courtesy of Good Fortune Bay Fisheries

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