The Australian farmed barramundi industry started in the mid 1980s with very small levels of production. Barramundi is now farmed in all mainland states and the Northern Territory of Australia except.

The nine current ABFA members produce around 95% of the annual 7,000t production of Australian farmed barramundi, currently valued at $70M. Members have production cycles in place to produce 10,000t in the next 2 years with a national production target of 20,000t by 2025.

Australian barramundi is farmed in diverse production systems. The majority of production comes from outdoor fresh or salt water pond operations and sea cages, in North Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory. The remainder of production comes from recirculation or flow through systems using thermal spring water or fresh water.

The majority of barramundi is now being sold as large or plate size fish.

Pictures Courtesy of Good Fortune Bay Fisheries.
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